Wellness Support Group August 10th

Jean Kidd of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services will be speaking at our next support group on

August 10, 2017 from 6-8PM

Jean is going to spend time going over “Extra Help” which is a Social Security program that helps people on Medicare save an average of $4,000 each year on their Part D expenses and prescription medications.  This program:

  1. Reduces or eliminates the Part D premium
  2. Reduces or eliminates the Part D annual deductible
  3. Reduces the copay for prescription drugs
  4. Eliminates the doughnut hole
  5. You can change plans at any time during the year, not only during open enrollment.

We hope you will join us for this very informative discussion.



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Behavioral Intervention for Children (PCIT)

Debbie Wilkerson, LPC

Debbie Wilkerson, LPC, PCIT Certified

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
Is a new program that the OKBTF now offers for behavioral intervention for children
(ages 2 – 7 years) and their parents or caregivers that focuses on decreasing externalizing child behavior problems (e.g., defiance, aggression), increasing child social skills and cooperation, and improving the parent-child attachment relationship. It teaches parents traditional play-therapy skills to use as social reinforcers of positive child behavior and traditional behavior management skills to decrease negative child behavior. Parents are taught and practice these skills with their child in a playroom while coached by a therapist. PCIT is time-unlimited; families remain in treatment until parents have demonstrated mastery of the treatment skills and rate their child’s behavior as within normal limits on a standardized measure of child behavior.


The Relationship Enhancement element of PCIT

Teaches the parents how to minimize negative characteristics within the relationship and guides them in developing new behaviors and communication practices that provide support, encouragement, and nurturing.

parent interaction


The Strategies for Compliance element of PCIT

Emphasizes effective and safe discipline techniques that can be used to manage the child’s behavior. The parents are encouraged to put these skills into practice until they can readily rely on them. Children who are subjected to these tactics learn how to adapt their behavior accordingly and most families see vast improvement in child behavior and the parent-child relationship.


PCIT whine


Children between the ages of two and seven have been shown to benefit the most from this type of treatment.



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Jessica Smith is Mrs. Greater Norman, 2015.  She will be competing in the Mrs. Oklahoma competition March 27-28, 2015.  She has chosen the OKBTF as her platform.

“As Mrs. Greater Norman and hopefully Mrs. Oklahoma I would love the opportunity to tell people about the OKBTF and make them aware of this terrible disease and let them know they are not alone in this fight.  A life altering Brain tumor that my father had was the thing that brought my family closer together and I would love the opportunity to tell people and give them hope and support so they can do the same in there time of need,” said Smith.

Smith’s father is a survivor of a glioblastoma. Her family was told he had 6 months to a year to live, but after 3 surgeries and chemo and radiation he is now 10 years in remission.

Jessica Smith was born and raised in Oklahoma.  She has been married for almost 4 years now with 2 beautiful children.  They live in Norman, Oklahoma.  She is a full time homemaker,  part time hair stylist and skincare professional.



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In support of Brain Tumor Awareness Month in May the following restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds to support children & adults with brain tumors.



S & B Burgers
Where: Quail Springs
When: Tues, May 5th
Times: 11am-2pm & 5pm-8pm

Chili’s Give Back Night
Where: Belle Isle
When: Friday, May 15th
Time: 5pm-Close

Johnnies Charbroiler
Where: All Locations
When : Wednesday
May 6, 13, 20, 27th
Times: All Day

El Chico Give Back Night
Where : Britton and  May
When: Monday, May 25th
Time: 5pm-close






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