Re-Emerge is a Cognitive Retraining Program that we NOW OFFER.

   Do you suffer from:

  • memory lapses

  • trouble concentrating

  • finding the right words

  • being disorganized

  • feeling like you are in a “fog”

  • impulse control

  • easily distracted

  • slow performance speed

Re-Emerge could be the answer

We  provide computerized tasks to rewire the brain, bridging the damaged areas making new neuro-pathways. These neuro-pathways can reconnect the brain’s functionality, enabling individuals to regain their cognitive abilities. Specially trained oversight therapists can monitor, track and check the users’ progress easily and efficiently, prescribing and assigning follow-up cognitive tasks to be mastered. Cumulative performance scores can be printed out for documentation and reporting of progress, as needed.


  1. Are you age 18-62 
  2. Do you receive Social Security Disability
  3. You receiving services through the Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation
  4. Some private insurance reimbursement is available
  5. Private pay plans are available

cognitive therapy

FINALLY a way for individuals with “chemo-brain” or any brain trauma to improve their cognitive functioning and succeed academically, socially, and become more independent.

6 thoughts on “Re-Emerge

  1. Wow! Please respond so I can getinfo re: this service!!! I BAWLED when I read the description! I thought I was a ‘retard” now…and NO ONE gets it. Please re. God bless!!!!!

    • Sheree I want to make sure that you received the informaiton you were requesting. If not, please contact us at 405-843-4673 so we can get you started with the program.

  2. How do I sign up? After my brain tumor, I suffer from all of those! If I could get just a little out of this, it would be huge! How much does it cost? How long a program is it? If ya’ll could just send me the info about this, I would be much appreciative! THANKS

  3. I’m wondering if this is still being offered and how one goes about enrolling. My father was diagnosed with a GBM back in April of this year and is currently undergoing chemo/radiation.

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