Nancy Miller – Founder & President Full Bio

Robby Snow, Clinical Director

Sheryl Milton, Therapist

Cindy Little, H/R & Business Manager

Sarah Collamore, Executive Assistant

Cassandra Pittmon Patient Navigator

Sara Brady, Intake Assistant

Crystal Holt, Receptionist

Yolanda Jay, Office Assistant

Sherry Lopatic, Medical Billing

Rane Thomason, Marketing

Debbie Wilkerson, LPC Candidate

Stephanie Christen, BHCMII

Falon Wilkinson, Patient Navigator, BHCMII

Brenda Kinnison, Patient Navigator, BHCMII

Alyson Blair, Therapist

Becky Cox, Therapist

Jessica Cloyed, Therapist

Johnny Ughanze, Therapist

Smita Patel, Therapist

Sandy Sabbiono, Therapist

 Mark Kinnison, Therapist

Michelle Hix, Therapist

Lynn Sageser, Therapist

Cynthia Sewell, LCSW

Starla Waun, Case Manager II

Kara McDaniel, Occupational Therapist

Dwight Herron, Pastoral Couselor

Tori Robison, Case Manager

Kevin Randall, Case Manager

Julie Cobb, Case Manager

Maria Johnson, Case Manager

Rhonda Mitchell, Case Manager

Tia Lincoln, Case Manager


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