Rev. Nancy Miller, Certified Christian Counselor

Founder and President


Debbie Wilkerson, LPC, PCIT

Clinical Director


Denise Reyna



Sherry Lopatic

Billing Representative


Sara Brady

Intake and Referrals Assistant


Stephanie Christian, BHCMII

Patient Navigator


Morgan Christen, BHCMII

Patient Navigator


Dwight Herron, Pastoral Counselor

Alyson Blair, LPC

April Ajanwachukwu, MSW Candidate

Caleb Grosse, LPC Candidate

Jessica Cloyed, LMFT

Kevin Tutty, LPC

Mark Kinnison, LPC

RaShon Carruthers, LPC Candidate

Shermiah Milton-Jones, LPC

Sheryl Milton, LCSW

Stacy Pierce, LADC, LPC

Teresa Henson, LPC

Theresa Kloh, LPC

Elizabeth Foster, BHCMII

Julie Randle, BHCMII

Misshay Smith, BHCMII

Rhonda Mitchell, BHCMII


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