If you are looking for employee rewards programs, you are on the right place!

Today, we will share here some of the best trips and tricks to get your employee encouraged to make some of those needed blood donations by using different methods such as showing them the healthy benefits involved or using a reward system for employees.

-Explain them how relevant is their action:

One of the best ways to get your employees to make blood donations is by explaining them how important is their choice, You need to show them that blood donations are something needed everywhere and that is a matter of human wellness, to help each other and keep us sane in society.

This has a double effect: It will make your employees have a better view of you and it will also have a positive effect on them because the ones that join will feel happy about giving something needed to others. Also make them feel like it’s something easy and simple to do.

-Make a reward system for employees:

Give them a reason to come back once you have managed to get them involved. One of the best reasons for most people is the “money” word, so don’t be afraid to use it. Consider making a system with little gifts that help people in their daily lives. Also gifts like movies or videogames can be a good idea as well. Easily a reward system for employees will take their attention quickly.

-Show them the benefits:  Did you know frequent blood donors are known to live longer than the average person? Try to bring those statistics that make them understand that it’s something safe to do and that it doesn’t have any heavy side effects other than the usual feeling of fainting or the pain of the needle piercing the skin.

There are many good statistics that help out there, like the one that shows that blood donors have lower risks of getting heart related problems. It also provides the donors with a positive feeling of belonging to a group and helps reduce isolation.

-Get them to know they get a free health checkup:

Blood donors need to check your pulse, the pressure of your blood, the temperature of your body and the levels of hemoglobin, so if you think about it it’s basically a free basic check of their current health.

In most cases, they will also check for specific diseases such as different types of Hepatitis, the HIV virus, syphilis, the west Nile virus or the Trypanosome crazy, so they get even more information about their current health state, All of this makes for employees rewards programs a good way to save some coins.

-The false belief:

If they see this is contributing their health you will quickly see results. In most cases one of the main problems is their fear of getting health problems due to these blood donations. Explain them and show them proper’s facts of how this fear doesn’t not make sense at all and that there are no reasons to be scared. If anything, is scientifically proven by very different, trustworthy fonts of information that blood donors get a better health in every single case, and not the opposite.